2021->2022 - Update Capital One Connection

Currently I have a worksheet with transaction data going back to 2019. I would like to retain that data but also update my Capital One feeds from the legacy connection to the new connection that does not require two step verification each time.

Is it best to create a new worksheet? Copy transactions & budget and then remove any duplicate transactions after refreshing feeds?
How can I update the Capital One connections - following the instructions for upgrading is not working for me?

Hi @tszold,

In order to use the new connections for Capital One available to YSL customers we have to manually switch you to YSL.

The first step is reviewing this help article and completing the form referenced in it to make sure you understand the requirements of the migration.

Also, you won’t lose any of your historical data, but the migration guide asks that you be using a sheet powered by Tiller Money Feeds and not the Feed Bot.