509(a)(2) Public support test

We are a nonprofit 509(a)(2) and would like to have a report tracking how we’re doing on the infamous Public Support Test. What this boils down to is that we need to be able to look at “income”, separate out the tagged accounts which are “disqualified” and calculate whether this is above/below 33%. We’ll need both “Budgeted” and “Actual”. How would I go about doing this in terms of separating out the Income generated by the disqualified income transactions? (those transactions are literally tagged with “DisqualifiedDonation”)

:wave:, @jim.wiese !

I’d recommend just using a separate category for the disqualified income, rather than using a “Tag” unless that’s what you meant when you said they’re “literally tagged with…”

Tagging is a separate concept from categorizing so just pointing out for clarity there.

If you categorize these separately then you would see them as separate lines on the Monthly Budget sheet in the Foundation template. From there you could figure out the percentages of the total income actual and total income budget either in a separate sheet or carefully in the existing Monthly Budget sheet.

What @heather said, @jim.wiese

Further, you could fiddle with the Categories / Hide From Reports column to dynamically include/exclude non-relevant categories from reporting depending on your needs.