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I am having a lot of issues with my bank and getting my tiller sheets updated. They “upgraded” their systems and for some reason it will not download any of my transactions. I sent an email to the tiller support email but wanted to check and see if anyone else is having the same bank issues with theirs. If so - did you get it fixed or ??

Thanks for your help

Robert King

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tiller support is where you want to be with feed issues. heather (awesome, the best, the greatest, a machine, genius, need i continue) helped me the other day and my issue appears to be resolved. the key is to follow up. after you are absolutely dead tired of following up, follow up 10 more times. as you can see below (picture taken 2 days ago from tiller system), i have been waiting 51 years on my issue. B

:laughing: thanks, Blake.

We have a bug we’ve not yet fixed on the dashboard where it will display a wildly inaccurate last refresh date. The sad thing is, this is the data we’re getting back from Yodlee. The bug is that we display it.