A few questions about creating custom Google Sheets in the Tiller spreadsheet

Hi all,
I have a Foundation Template set up in Google Sheets. It has all the default Sheets and tabs. It’s linked to my console and I can feed it my bank and credit card transactions. AutoCat is working ok.
Now I’m going to build some custom Google spreadsheets in Google Drive. I have a few questions about how do I install a custom spreadsheet (with its own unique tab) into my Tiller spreadsheet and automatically move data from the Tiller spreadsheet to the custom spreadsheet. Here are a few questions:
1. How do I install a custom built spreadsheet into the Tiller spreadsheet and create a tab for the new sheet?
2. Is it possible for the new custom sheet to be automatically populated with data that’s contained in the Tiller spreadsheet?

Hi @walterdowis,

I’d recommend just building the functionality directly into the Foundation Template if you’re wanting to use that one too vs having multiple sheets, one with custom dashboards, etc.

You can connect the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to any Google Sheet so if you want to build your own custom template just open a blank Google Sheet and launch the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.

Let me know if you have further questions.


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Hi @Heather,
I prefer to build the new Sheet and it’s functionality directly in the Foundation Template, and create a tab for the new sheet. This keeps all the data in one central location.
To create a new Sheet within the Foundation Template do I go to the menu at the top of the Foundation Template and click on “insert” and “Form”? This seems the right way, but I want to make sure.

Hi @walterdowis,
If you want to add a new sheet to your Foundation Template, just click on the + symbol on the bottom left and that will add one to your spreadsheet.

You could also go to the Insert menu and click New Sheet.

Adding a form is something completely different.

At Tiller, we use the term “Sheet” for a single tab or page in a spreadsheet containing a collection of cells organized in rows and columns.

A “Spreadsheet” is a collection of one of more sheets, which also appears as an item in you Google Drive list.

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Perfect. I see. Thank you.