Ability to have multiple transactions sheets in one google sheet focused on different accounts

I know that you can do IMPORTDATA, but this doesn’t fit my needs. I want to have 1 sheet that i visit that I can use to track my networth AND my personal budget. However, to track networth you need to have your balances for all your accounts linked to that sheet, but if that happens AND you have a transactions sheet then you will get a TON of transactions, and I like to just worry about categorizing my actual spending transactions from credit and debit accounts on a daily basis and don’t want to get a whole mess of transactions. Would be nice to have a way to have a transactions sheet only for credit / debit (spending and income) for budgets, but also have a way to view your Net Worth instead of going to another sheet for this.

I do like the IMPORTDATA as I recently discovered it today so that I can create a view specifically for my SO so she can view our shared cards budget, but I usually just do budgeting for myself and would rather just work off of 1 sheet entirely.

Since I believe that the tiller add on the backend looks for specific sheet names (this is just a very simplistic way I am thinking it of couse) I would imaging that you could create additional sheets with Transactions vs Transactions 2 etc. and link that sheet to be fed specifically by certain accounts rather than ALL accounts linked to that one sheet.

Perhaps to have a use case:
I personally would like 2 transactions sheets. 1 would be strictly for credit and debit transactions that I’d go in every day to categorize my transactions and watch how my dashboards change or maybe use the autocat add on to have it do it for me. Then use the second transactions sheet exclusively for my investment accounts so that I can keep track of my IRR for each account and a global view.
All this would be in one sheet instead of viewing it in multiple sheets.