Absolutely New - I need a map!

Hello All,

I am very new here, and I want to search for the topics that I need help with, but am not sure I am even searching for the right topics.

My husband and I are coming over from YNAB. We have used that method, with little success, for several years. We are also trying to follow Dave Ramsey’s envelope system. YNAB has become more of an expense tracker for us and we really prefer to budget.

First question, I am using the excel version, but wondering if I should use google sheets (I have never used that) as it appears most of the “options” available on Tiller are for Google sheets. I realize that the Excel functionality is a newer, expanded version and that the options may expand as time goes, but wanted to check on that.

Secondly, how do you all “follow the budget”? I currently list all of our bills in order of due date (in YNAB) and I am wondering how to create a bill tracking system within Tiller? Do you all add an extra sheet within the budget that is for tracking bill payments?

I had wanted to move over last year when YNAB raised the “legacy member” rates, but I was overwhelmed and decided to pay their fee for one year while looking for new options. I really like what I see with Tiller and I believe it will work for us, I just need to know where to start.

I have begun with the Foundations Template and all is going well with that so far. I cannot figure out how to change the months in the columns the way that they can be changed in the Google Sheets version. Should I just “hide” the unused months of Jan - May?

How to I access “add ons” in excel? Are there any other “add ons”? I have Autocat - which I love, and the Foundation Template. I would be interested in a bill pay tracker, any Dave Ramsey type sheets. Is there a library which I can access?

Finally, if you have read this far… thank you. I apologize in advance for the many questions I will ask. I would love continue with Tiller as this seems so perfect for us!


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Welcome @kfelicidario. Great questions!

A few quick notes:

  • If you’re looking for help from templates rather than building on your own, I’d recommend moving over to Google Sheets. The functionality will be familiar if you are an Excel user and there are a lot more workflows and templates on that side of our product offering.
  • In Sheets, install the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on. You will find tons of templates and even a YNAB import workflow.
  • In Sheets there is a Bill Payment Tracker template that may help with your bill tracking workflow.
  • If you like envelope style budgeting, you can try the Savings Budget template.

Good luck!

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Hello Randy,

Thank you so much for this helpful advice. I was able to move to Google Sheets and am working my way through the new environment.

Thank you!

Hi Randy, how do i use Tiller along withmy husband? We wish to combine everything and we both wish to access from our phones.

Please help!