Accidentally deleted "Accounts" tab. Issue?

I was adding the “Business Dashboard” and there was an error telling me I couldn’t add it because there “was an existing Accounts tab”, so I deleted the tab in order to download the Dashboard.

Will this cause a problem?

@hbwilliams22, I don’t think it will cause any issues unless you had configurations there that you needed (e.g. customized groups or class overrides).

Most Tiller Money business spreadsheets DO have an Accounts tab— so there is no inherent incompatibility, @hbwilliams22. Most likely you were working in an older generation spreadsheet where the Accounts tab predated the version information we now store in “managed” spreadsheets (including the Accounts template). So, the installer probably didn’t recognize the Accounts sheet you did have but did notice that it couldn’t install the current/managed version because it would bump into the existing Accounts sheet.

Since the Accounts sheet is a dependency for the Business Dashboard, after you deleted the (unmanaged) Accounts sheet, the installer should have installed the current version. You may have lost some overrides (from your old sheet) as @heather mentioned, but they are not essential to the spreadsheet functioning.

If you have other sheets in the spreadsheet that referred to the old version of the Accounts sheet and are no longer functional, you may need to restore or replace them using Tiller Labs.

Hope you’ve got it all back up and running.