Account balances not refreshing

New user…just started last night and loving the potential here. I’d just gotten my net worth sheets updated with linked and manual accounts. Now, all networth related sheets and the debt progress sheet is not reflecting any balances. I’m still getting transactions from bank/credit card feeds.

On the accounts tab, they are still there but the cell says “Invalid-input must fall within a specified range” and there is a red arrow in the upper right corner of the cell.

Also, how do you get an account to update just the balance but not the individual transactions. For example, my solo 401K…I want just the balance updated but not for the individual buy/sell transactions to hit the feed.

Hope someone here can help me with this.



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When you create a manual account on the Balance History tab, you then need to go to the Accounts tab and select it before that manual account’s data flows through the sheet. You did this already and everything was fine. Based on the issues you are having, this is what I assume you did next. You made some change to the manual account you created on the Balance History tab. You probably slightly modified the account name, or account ID, or something else related to that manual account. You are getting that error because the system no longer sees that manual account anymore because you modified it. So, you just need to click on the red arrow and select the newly changed manual account. After you do that for all the red arrows, everything should repopulate and all your net worth tabs should be back to normal.

Regarding your 401k, linking that account means you will get the activity occurring in that account as well as the balances for that account. There is not a way to stop the activity from coming over. However, here is the fix you are looking for. Regarding all of that activity on the Transactions sheet related to the 401k account, just create a Category with the Type called Transfer (not Income and not Expense). You could delete the activity from the Transactions tab but I like to keep that tab pure. Who knows, some day you might want to do something with that activity. By selecting Transfer, that 401k activity will not appear with your other income and expense items. Also, you might consider selecting Hide when you create that new Category.


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Hey Blake,

Thanks for the response. I like your suggestions on the 401k transactions. I’m sure I can work with one of those solutions.

The account issue doesn’t seem so easy…despite the accounts showing up on the account tab, when I click the green arrow, the only options I get are:


I have no clue what these mean but was hoping it would provide a clue for you to help me.

Thanks in advance.


@nealashley , I am clueless. Any ideas @randy and @jonorlin ?

Hi @nealashley and @Blake,
Thanks for trying to figure it out Blake.

Neal, are you using the Foundation template?

On the Accounts sheet, did you make any entries in the data starting in Column F to the right? If so, that might break the sheet. You should only enter data in the green shaded columns, if necessary, in Columns A thru D.


Usually the last 4 digits of the account number show in parentheses, so the text you gave, @nealashley, is probably coming from there. I’m not sure why the account names aren’t populating. I’d unhide the hidden columns at right in the Accounts sheet and see if something looks broken.


@nealashley , @randy , @jonorlin

He is a new user so he has to be using the Foundation template.


fideLITY UBS Global aSSET

Do these mean anything to you?

On your Balance History tab, do you have any rows that have something in the Account ID column only (ending in LITY and SSET) with all the other columns blank? I suspect you do.

On your Balance History tab, do your linked accounts show up there now? I assume they were there at one time but are now gone. Did you delete them?

Have you been doing anything on your Balance History tab? Adding anything? Deleting anything? Moving things around?

Do you have lots of data on your Balance History tab right now? Or, very little data?

You say the accounts are on the Accounts tab but then you say there are only two options when you click the green arrow. This seems inconsistent. You seem to indicate everything was working correctly then later things were broken. I know you are a new user, but did anything happen that appeared weird to you between the time when things were working until they were not working?

When you use @name like I did on the first row, the person receives a gmail so you might get a quicker reply.



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Daily Account balance in the transactions Sheet.
Does anyone know the formula that can give me running Account balance in the transactions sheet?
In view of constant delay and sometimes outright failure of Balance history, I want to be able to obtain the running balance for each account by inserting a column named Account Balance. Use of array formula that could auto calculate the running balance taking the date for each account transaction in consideration.
Currently, I used =IFNA(VLOOKUP(G2,‘Balance History’!$D$2:$H$100,5, FALSE),"") to obtain the balance but that is not exactly what I want because it still depends on balance history and the balance shown does not take the date of the transactions into account.
I also tried =SUMIFS(Transactions!$E:$E,Transactions!$D:$D,$G4,Transactions!$B:$B,">="&B$2,Transactions!$B:$B,"<="&B$5000), which resulted in Nil Balance.


@nealashley Just following up here. Blake


This might help. So, they have not fixed your problem yet?