Account Filter issue

The add-on filters all accounts individually except one for a Visa card issued by Chase. I see no transactions at all. Strangely for another Chase Visa card, transactions are pulled without issue. Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?

Anil Parikh

Hi @anilparikh1,

Can you double check whether the Account name for that account where it’s not pulling transactions has an apostrophe ’ in the name?

If so, try renaming the account on the Tiller Console (under Account Summary, click the pencil icon) and then correct the data in the Transactions sheet (you may need to sort then filter) in the Account column and that should do it.

Let me know if that doesn’t help.


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Hi Heather

That worked, thanks. I did not realize that names should not have an apostrophe.


Apostrophes shouldn’t be an issue, but we have seen some users have issues with them in some templates. We are doing our best to run those issues down and improve compatibility, but tracking down all the instances takes time.

Thanks for being flexible in the interim.