Account Filter Not Working

My Account Filter stopped working couple of weeks ago. Per Krista, I have restored Accounts, Balances and Account Filter in that order. Still no luck. I found references to restoring Net Worth and Quick Insights on Tiller Community. Having done that, still no luck. Can someone help please?


@anilparikh1, do you have any apostrophes in your account names?

When I first started with Tiller 2 years ago, I did have apostrophe in the .name of one account. You asked .me to remove it and since then no apostrophes

What does it look like when you unhide the hidden columns at right?

Do you see any accounts listed in the List of Accounts section?


Thanks for reaching out. I am not sure which sheet you are referring to in your picture. My Accounts sheet works fine, all accounts listed. Accounts Filter sheet also has all accounts listed but when I select an account from the drop down list, no transactions show up. It just remains blank. One other point in case it helps. I do not normally use Insights sheet but after I restored it, I do see Assets and Liabilities at top but four Top Ten boxes below are blank. I am not really concerned about this. My issue is Account Filter sheet.



I reread your email. On Accounts Sheet when I unhide columns to the right, I do see list of Accounts to the right:

However, my Sheet References columns look different from your:

Does this help?


Another point. I have not added any columns to Accounts sheet. So I only see default columns A to D before unhiding.



I have responded to your questions in Tiller Community last Thursday. Could you please help with the issue.

Anil Parikh

My screenshot is from the Account Filter template.
Can you unhide and show an image of that one, @anilparikh1?

Looks as though you missed two screenshots after unhiding my Account Filter. Please scroll up and you will see them. If that is not what you are looking for, please advise.

I’m confused. Aren’t the screenshots above from your Accounts sheet?
I thought the issue you are having is with the Account Filter template.

My apology, Randy. I unhid Accounts Sheet, not Accounts Filter Sheet.Here is the screenshot.

Sheet References
Account H
Hide Q
Account ‘Accounts’!$H$2:$H
Hide ‘Accounts’!$Q$2:$Q
Date C
Description D
Category E
Amount F
Date ‘Transactions’!$C$2:$C
Description ‘Transactions’!$D$2:$D
Category ‘Transactions’!$E$2:$E
Amount ‘Transactions’!$F$2:$F
Account ‘Transactions’!$$2:$
List of Accounts
Alliant PKRT Checking
Alliant PKRT Savings
Ally Mak Trust CD
Ally Mak Trust Savings
Ally PKRT Savings
Anil Signature Visa
Chase PKRT Checking
Chase PKRT Savings
Costco Anywhere Visa
ETrade PKRT Checking
ETrade PKRT Living Trust
HealthEquity MAK HSA
Joint UA Visa
Lloyds Bank Intl Joint - (30C7)
NatWest Joint
Santander Intl Joint
Schwab AP Contributory IRA
Schwab AP Individual 401(k)
Schwab MAK Contributory IRA
Schwab MAK Living Trust
Schwab PKRT Living Trust
SDCCU Joint Trust Checking
SDCCU Joint Trust Savings
SDCCU MAK Trust Checking
SDCCU MAK Trust Savings
Synchrony MAK HY Savings
Synchrony PKRT Savings


It looks like it can’t find the Account column in the Transactions sheet.

Is that column present?

You are correct. There was Accounts Column before Account# in Transactions sheet. This appears to have disappeared. How do I get it back?

Is the column deleted or renamed?

It was renamed to Receipt. I renamed back to Account. New transactions pull the Account name but not old transactions. I can use “IF” function to pull in Account name if Google sheets work the same as Excel. But I have almost 30 Accounts so it will be very time consuming. Is there a better way.

Tiller Feeds use reserved column headers to fill data. If you change the name of a feeds column, the feeds process will not know where to insert data and will just skip insertion of that field for new rows. Changing the name back will allow the field to be included for new data, but the records that were already inserted (without the Account field for example) will have already been marked as inserted and will not be reconciled.

The data is all in the Tiller back end if you create a new Foundation Template and allow it to fill (since the time your account was created). If you really want to backfill the data, you could create a new Foundation Template, link the same accounts, fill all your data into the Transactions sheet, copy your new Transactions sheet into your old Tiller spreadsheet, and then use a formula to VLOOKUP() the account names matching on the Account Id field. Once you have filled the Account column, you could copy and paste all the data as values. This is very doable but it will take a little time and expertise.

Crazy thought… is there a chance your Transactions sheet has an Account ID column? Perhaps it is hidden?

ID column is still there.

So you restored the Account column to its original name? And there has been enough time that the most recent rows have the Account field/cell populated by Tiller Money Feeds?

You could do this:

  • Add a new empty temporary column to the right of the partially populated Account column
  • Add a formula like this in the new column to the right of empty Account cells where L4 is a reference to the Account ID column in the row with the missing account name, $L$2:$L is the Account ID column contents and $G$2:$G is the Account name column contents:
  • Copy the account names from the formula VLOOKUP() in the new column
  • Paste those account names into the Account column as values
  • Delete the new/temporary column

Hopes this helps you fill the missing data, @anilparikh1.