Account Filter Template Breaks When Account Name Contains Embedded Quote

The SELECT query breaks if the Account name has single quotes (’) in it, such as Gary’s ROTH IRA. I’ll have to dig up my old SQL books to see how to escape the single quote or otherwise trim out the quote. Maybe someone has already fought this battle.

I know I could rename the Account and replace all of the existing transactions, but the code could be a little more robust unless there are warnings published somewhere about not using certain characters in the Account names.

Good catch. We fought through this in a number of other sheets but it sounds like the Account Filter solution was not updated with the rest.

I just reworked it, @imretir3dpretty significantly actually— to no longer use the QUERY() function.

Version 2.01 should be live in the next 10 minutes. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.


Works great. Thanks