Account Reconciliation - Google Sheets

On the Account Reconciliation tab, are you supposed to make a separate entry for each month reconciled? Or just reuse the line for the account?

Judy Finkelstein


“Or just reuse the line for the account?” Yes, reuse.

If I use the Simple, does that replace one of my sheets? Also what is the title of column G? Do I need to replace any sheets and if yes, which ones? Thx

Judy Finkelstein

You’ll need to check with the creator of the Simple Account Reconciliations template in that forum discussion, I tried it once over a year ago, don’t remember much about it other than it didn’t quite fit my needs.

One line per account, each month update the date and statement balance for that account and compare to your tiller ending balance.

New to Tiller and appreciate your efforts in creating these sheets. I’ve just downloaded your Account Reconciliation sheet. and have an issue with ‘Account Reconciliation’!B5. The dropdown is referencing column H on the Accounts sheet and I (assume) it should point towards a column referencing a “Statement/Tiller Account”. Using it as is my only options in that column are 8/8/23 or 8/9/23. I’ve read the directions and can’t figure it out. What am I missing?


The data validation does look to your Accounts sheet, which by default has a list of your Account names in column H. I didn’t make this a ‘smart’ feature that looks for moved columns, so to fix it you’ll need to update the data validation to point to the column where you’re accounts are listed (there are two columns on the Accounts sheet named “Account”, we’re looking for the second one).

Thanks for the quick response. I downloaded a new version of the template and overwrote the existing version in my file. The data validation for column B is still pointing to column H, so you may want to check the version downloaded to the community site for accuracy. Regardless, I’ll make the change you suggest and see how it goes. Thanks again.

OK, looks like the column changed in the new version of the Foundation Template. I just fixed Account Reconciliation so new installs or updates will work properly once @randy pushes the update. The only change is "Data Validation for Accounts list now respects changes in Accounts sheet column order.


I’ve run across something that was driving me bonkers for a bit trying to reconcile an out of whack statement this evening and found that if transactions are split, then in the troubleshoot unbalanced statement section each of these transactions are showing up as the new split amounts but my statement is showing the full amount. Would it be possible to somehow flag these split transactions in the troubleshoot statement section so that you know a transaction has been split already? just an idea.
Continued thanks for this and many other templates.

Ahh, split transactions. Definitely hadn’t thought about the repercussions of that. I’ll add it to my list of things to look at, thanks for pointing that out!

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FYI - this sheet got weird on me. I just noticed this sheet was still broken due to the change to Accounts so I didn’t get a new version pushed or updated post Account sheet changing. Attempted to Restore which may not have been correct course of action. That didn’t do anything so thought I would just start over. Deleted Account Reconciliation but when I go to Add back to Tiller I get the following. I seem to have discarded some dependency but not sure what it is:

Try it again. I think the master template that contains this template was having an issue that has since been fixed.

Hmm. Still getting the same dependency error graphic as above.

edit: Nevermind. Despite receiving that error, it downloaded the sheet and I just balanced my CC so seems to be working again.

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Hi, I have the reconciliation template, but it is now broken. I keep going to the community sidebar and looking for it, but can’t seem to find a way to add it. I can’t find it in any other area and when I click on the icon or the title, it just takes me to a new search window. Am I missing something?

If clicking on “Account Reconciliation” just below “Templates” in the image you sent doesn’t take you to it, go to the “Extensions” menu to “Tiller Community Solutions” and then “Manage Solutions” you should see “Account Reconciliation” in the “Manage” tab if you have it installed. You can click on it and click “Restore Sheet” to get a fresh copy. If you don’t it under the Manage tab, click on the Explore tab and you should find it in one of the categories (not sure how it’s normally categorized) and then you can install it from there.

So, I’m not sure where to go. You can see that it doesn’t think I have Reconciliation installed.


However, If I try to click the link as you suggested, it takes me to this search window.


I also tried looking for it under “Explore” and looked at literally every category and it wasn’t there.

Does it look at my base template version for a match?

@randy, have any idea why @bryman wouldn’t see the Account Reconciliation solution? Which category is that in?

It’s in “Bank Statements”. Do you see it, @bryman?

@randy Nope: