Account Reconciliation template question

My credit card’s ending balance does not match, despite using the “Troubleshoot Unbalanced Statement” section. The discrepancy is -$237.28. I have verified all transactions are correct and found one extra transaction in Tiller, which is not on my statement, amounting to -$61.46.

I updated the date of the transaction (-61.46), and now the Tiller Ending Balance is green. However, the difference in the Troubleshooting section is -175.82, highlighting a transaction found on my statement.

Any thoughts?

Seems like the only way that could happen is if the $175.82 transaction wasn’t on your Saphire statement. Or, I suppose it’s possible their math is wrong on the statement itself for the deposits and withdrawals (I’ve never had that happen though), you might want to check and be sure those numbers match the transactions on the statement.

Thank you for the fast reply. I finished reconciling all of my accounts. I revisited the troubleshooting section with the sapphire statement I mentioned in my post. Now, it’s displaying zero in the differences field. Strange!

GREAT JOB! This template is awesome!!!

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