Account Sheet -- column filtering / list of accounts sheet columns

Hi there,

I’m working at importing a bunch of accounts from Banktivity into Tiller and I’ve added some columns to facilitate that. I tried to use a filter view to sort the data and things went wonky – it looks like there are some scripts that fire on change for the Class, Group, and Hide columns, I’m guessing to implement the user friendly columns A-C, and when I sort those columns all go blank.


  1. Is there a way to filter/sort the accounts list without this happening?
  2. Is it possible to disable these scripts? I’m comfortable updating the data directly in the columns to the right of A-C (e.g., I know not to touch the Account ID, etc.) unless there is some reason not to.
  3. Is there an updated version of Tiller Core Data Column Reference - Google Sheets that includes the columns for the Accounts sheet?


PS. I have figured out where Banktivity data is stored and how to extract it via its underlying SQLLite database if that is of interest to anyone.

I believe the Accounts sheet is populated by data collected from the ‘Balance History’ sheet. This is all staged in the hidden F-Q columns which are used to allow columns A-D to work. If you filter the A-D columns, you are also filtering the F-Q columns that populate them, so that’s probably why things don’t behave properly. In any case, directly adding accounts to the Accounts sheet is probably not a good idea as it doesn’t follow the default process and is bound to cause problems.

If you want to manually add an account without using the GUI to create an account (the best way to do it), add a ‘transaction’ to the Balance History sheet and you’ll see the account show up on your Accounts sheet (this is not a Tiller approved method):

2/17/22 12:00 AM JustAtest xxxx0000 888499385893330300000 75584747584847588474758 Test $0.00 2/1/22 2/13/22 SAVINGS Asset ACTIVE 2/17/2022

You’d have to make up the AccountID and BalanceID and hope you don’t have a collision with existing/future transactions.