Account Type in Balance History

I have a Home Equity Loan that is updating in my Balance History but no transactions are coming into my transactions tab. I wonder if it is because the “Type” field in the Balance History sheet is “HOME_EQUITY_LINE_OF_CREDIT”. I believe I read somewhere that loans/lines of credit don’t have transactions that come in? Is this still true? If I were to change the Type field to just “HOME_EQUITY” do you think I will start to receive transactions for this account?

Not getting transactions is messing up the calculations in my Debt Planner sheet. Since no transactions are coming in, it is not able to put how much I paid towards that account.

Help! :slight_smile:

Do you also have a mortgage with the same company? In my case the home equity transactions appear under the mortgage.
Another possibility, do you have the account set to “Hide” on your accounts sheet? I did that on purpose so that I would only see my outflow from my checking and not the inflow on my mortgage and therefore not show a net zero on those accounts.

No, my mortgage company is different. However, when the transactions come in for my checking account they do have the word mortgage in them. I have an AutoCat setup to categorize it and rename so that even the checking account transactions only show “Home Equity”. The account is not hidden. I even have a class override of Liability (though, I don’t think that is necessarily needed. I’m just trying anything to get that account’s transactions to come in! :slight_smile:

My LOC was in as LINE_OF_CREDIT and I did show transactions.

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