Accountants Who Like Tiller

Does anyone know of any accountants who like/use Tiller and are good with buy and hold real estate tax?

Does anyone know of any accountants who like/use Tiller and are good with buy and hold real estate tax?

This is the million dollar (or $79/year) question. My bookkeeper and CPA team scoff at spreadsheets compared to QuickBook Online (and other dedicated bookkeeping applications). Perhaps Tiller is more for the DIY’ers. That being said, Tiller Feeds is working good for me. I’m looking for an accountant that fully endorses and uses Tiller with their clients. Tiller support, and Tiller headquarters in general, have been unable to provide any suggestions or referrals to professional bookkeepers or CPAs, that use Tiller in their practice. I will keep searching! (or pay my current bookkeepers and CPA to take Tiller through a serious test drive (to reconcile and run reports etc.)

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yes, 100pct agree. Tiller allows me to contain in one place and categorize all transactions, including in a way which would be very clear to an accountant. But if accountants demand that we use Quickbooks, or Zero, or any of a number of solutions (and oddly certain accountants seem fixated on one or the other), then that is not convenient for me, the customer. I could see how Tiller can grow relationships with accountants looking for clients.

Hi, I’m an accountant that’s contemplating Tiller as a Quickbooks replacement.
Does one subscription allow for multiple separate accounts with there own feeds?


I am a bookkeeper and tax preparer. Accounting degree, but I never got the CPA designation. I use versions of Quickbooks with some clients, but I promote Tiller for clients for whom it works.

Send me an email if you’d like to discuss further with me.

I am a bookkeeper who uses Tiller with clients. Most bookkeepers and Accountants use Xero or QBO because those tools:

  1. Have been around a while
  2. Are more robust than Tiller at performing accounting functions

Tiller is a great tool, but not for lots of business types and complexities. Xero and QBO definitely support more business bookkeeping needs than Tiller. Once a bookkeeper/accountant knows one tool, it’s a lot to keep up with their clients bookkeeping across multiple tools ex: QBO, Wave, Tiller, Xero, etc. (tech is always changing and so being an expert in multiple tools/workflows becomes too much). I have found Tiller to be great for single member LLC or Sole proprietors + Service Based Businesses typically.


Does one subscription allow for multiple separate accounts with there own feeds?

We are always considering product improvements that would benefit accountants, but the product is currently built for individual use. A subscription allows unlimited accounts to be connected but choosing to connect accounts across clients would raise significant security and privacy concerns.

Sorry for the slow response, @cdickhuth.

that is a very thorough answer - thank you. Do you convert the Tiller sheets from your clients into a QBO or Xero compatible format or do you work with them as is?

Hi, Are you interested in assisting me get moving with Tiller?
I have all my feeds set up, but I can’t seem to visualize how to get what I want which is pretty much just what you can get from quicken. (balance sheet, cash flows, etd) I keep coding and then losing data, and reports don’t seem to include what I need. I’m not very patient, but I don’t want to give up.
I just need to pay someone to help me set it up for my needs. This is for personal finance, not business. We have several 401k accounts, credit cards, properties, etc. But it is so straightforward I could do it in an excel sheet myself but I want it automated!! LMK if you have any. interest and how you charge, etc. or if you need more info or whatever!!
Patricia Costin

@joek If I’m understanding your question right - I don’t convert any Tiller data to QBO or Xero. Tiller serves as the bookkeeping program and is the replacement for QBO/Xero. So I work with the Tiller data as-is. It is a very good bookkeeping software for certain kinds of entrepreneurs/businesses - sole prop, sometimes single Member-LLCs, & more service-based businesses. Once you add a lot more complexity to a business, then Xero/QBO become preferable.

@patricia.costin Yes - I just sent you a private message!

@cdickhuth Your subscription would pay for your own Tiller usage for your personal & business. Your clients would pay for their own Tiller Subscriptions and be the owner of that subscription. Each subscription has a single “account owner” which is tied to the user’s gmail account. Only the owner has access to the Tiller Console and the Tiller Money Feeds Add-On. The important part about this access is that your client can share their entire Tiller Sheet(s) with you and give you complete access to the sheet, however, you would still not have access to the Money Feeds Add-On and the Console. The most important implication of this lack of access to those two things is that you do not have control over their account connections. It is always up to the client to refresh a bank feed or troubleshoot an error. And so this does throw a bit of a wrench into workflow because as you know there tends to be a bottleneck the more you have to involve them. Whereas in QBO, you can usually refresh accounts yourself, etc. There are some other implications, most of it not that big of a deal as what I just mentioned.

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