Accounts sheet formula isn't "arrayed" and is only filled to row 19

I noticed that on my accounts page, it was only showing the manualID but not any other information about a specific account. After deleting the account and trying again a few times, I noticed that only Account ID field was set to pull automatically, and the adjacent cells had formulas in it, not getting Array formula from row 2.
However, the cell formulas are only populated until row 19.
Once I extended the other cell formulas, the sheet worked.
I don’t know if I’m using an outdated Accounts sheet, but I don’t think so.

Account ID “G2” : =iferror(sort(unique(filter(INDIRECT("‘Balance History’!"&$T$7&“2:”&$T$7),INDIRECT("‘Balance History’!"&$T$7&“2:”&$T$7)<>""))))

Unique Account ID “F2”: =if(isblank(G2),iferror(1/0),PROPER(H2)&" - “&I2&” ("&upper(right(G2,4))&")")

Hi @yossiea,
Check the Tiller Money Labs add-on to confirm you are using the latest version of the Accounts sheet. As of this writing, it’s version 2.02. See the Manage Solutions link.
Update to the latest Accounts sheet if needed. If you have customized settings in Columns A thru D, you might want to archive the old Account sheet so you can manually update that info on the new Account sheet.

The formula in Columns F and H should be filled down to row 101.

The formula in G2 should generate a list of all the Account Id’s in the Balance History sheet. It does not use arrayformula.

Let us know if that helps.


Hi, thanks for that. I took a look and I am on the latest version, and I checked again and the formulas are filled out. So I think I might have deleted a row and that’s why it didn’t catch, but not sure how that happened.

Yes, if you deleted a row, especially one of the top ones with the formulas, that would cause problems.