Accounts tab not populating properly

Just the past two days, the accounts tab shows only numbers associated with accounts, but display red triangle (invalid account info). Balance history is accurate, transactions are downloading properly, all filters are turned off. This feeds into Balance tab, which of course isn’t populating. What happened? I launched Tiller Feeds - even “restored” the sheets, and the accounts don’t show up.

==> After restoring the Accounts sheet, they all came back, albeit, the account names are a bit longer now, and different.

@john.warren3 , it sounds like you’re all set here, but did you edit the Account names on the Console prior to this happening? That could have caused the Account names to become invalid (red triangles) on the Accounts sheet.

Nope - didn’t edit them, that I recall. I did have, in the Balance History, there are several accounts I have to edit personally. I had long ago edited their ID’s to 001, 002, 003, etc. thanks to the site’s help. I had updated them and had listed one item as the month being 3/29/21, the others being 4/1/21. It was around this time that the account names crashed, but I don’t know if this could be a cause. It is fine now, so this is more for an FYI or to make you go…“Hmmmm”. lol

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