Actual Numbers not reflected in Monthly or Yearly Budget

For some reason I have a few random Categories that are not reflecting the Actual information form the Transactions data. I have reviewed to make sure I do not have duplicate references to the Categories and have deleted and readded the Categories affected. None of these seem to fix the issue for these specific Categories.

If I follow the Template Restore previously suggested to others will this replace the Categories I have added / deleted back to the original Categories as delivered in the standard Foundation Template?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide w/ this.

Try copy/paste the following formula into a spare sheet to check for Category naming mismatches between your Transactions sheet and Categories sheet. It’s a case-sensitive, unique, sorted list.

Leave some room/cells empty below the formula, so it can fill with any results.

  --(MMULT(--EXACT(Transactions[Category], TRANSPOSE(Categories[Category])), ROW(Categories[Category])^0)=0) *
  (Transactions[Category] <> "")
,""), LAMBDA(a,v, IF(SUM(--EXACT(a, v)), a, VSTACK(a, v)))))


I did as suggested. Please see the results below. Looks like I need to do some clean up, but, the category (Mortgage) I am having an issue w/ is not showing up on this list.

Bank fee
Health and Wellness
Household:Repair & Mantenance
woodworking expenses

I’d probably do the clean-up first and see where things stand :slight_smile:

Clean up complete - the formula was very helpful as the ‘offending’ categories disappeared as the were corrected. Thank you for the help with this. I will retain the new sheet for future data cleanup.

This said, what I thought was a technical issue with Tiller appears to be a process issue with the way I handle my checking account used to pay my mortgage and my mortgage account for Account tracking. Unless there are alternatives, it appears as if I will need to set up my mortgage account as a manual update account such that the transactions to the mortgage account (positive) do not offset the checking account P&I payments (negative). From my testing I believe this is why my monthly and yearly budgets reflected a 0 balance instead of the actual mortgage amounts.

Any insight or suggestions on the later would be appreciated.

UPDATE - I tested the Hide From Reports function in the Categories sheet. It appears to accomplish what I am trying to do w/ the Monthly and Yearly Budget reporting w/o being required to manually update my Mortgage Account each month.

I’m glad you found something that works for you.

I think typically a transaction like that might look like the below in the Transactions sheet, where a Transfer category Type is automatically hidden in reports. You’re accomplishing the same thing by having a Category that is marked Hide.

Date Description Category Amount Account
3/1/2024 Mortgage Payment Transfer $3,000 Lender
3/1/2024 Mortgage Payment Mortgage -$3,000 Checking

Hi there, I believe I’m experiencing the same issue. I cant see any of the data or numbers on my monthly or yearly budget tabs. How

ever I can see the headers only. How can I troubleshoot to fix this issue

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