Add an Account Filter sheet


The Account Filter sheet is useful if you want to review the transactions of any single account linked to your Tiller spreadsheet. This is a read-only sheet for viewing transactions that also already exist in the Transactions sheet. It’s an alternative if you prefer not to filter your Transactions sheet, but want to review transactions for a specific account.

How to Install the Account Filter sheet

  1. Install the Tiller Labs Solutions add-on
  2. Open the add-on and choose “Add a Solution”
  3. Click on Account Filter
  4. Choose “Add to spreadsheet”
  5. A new tab called “Account Filter” should appear.

How to use the Account Filter sheet

To use the sheet, select the account for which you want to view transactions in the drop down in cell B1. The sheet is pre-built to show the first 10 columns from your Transactions sheet.

Customizing the Account Filter

If you want to view different columns, write down a list of the column letters for the columns you want to see from your Transactions sheet for an account. Then, in the formula in Cell A3 on the Account Transactions sheet replace SELECT A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J with the letters of the columns you wrote down. Don’t make any other change to the formula.