Add Balances Tab to Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

My Balances tab on my monthly budget spreadsheet was acting wonky with it showing a balance greater than the total of the accounts listed. So I deleted the tab, hoping that I could just add it back again and the issue would be fixed. Problem is I can’t figure out how to add it back. How is that done? Thanks!

From the Tiller Add-on - Go Tiller Money Feeds - Templates


This will open the sidebar where you can select the template you want.


Perfect. Thanks, that did the trick. However, it still shows three accounts that are duplicates of accounts already listed there. And the ones that are the duplicates, it says they were updated 448 days ago. So it has duplicate accounts with their balances from 448 days ago. How can I have not have those be part of the sheet?

You might run the Repair Balance History workflow in the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on. If there is legacy crud in your Balance History sheet, this workflow can often consolidate like accounts.