Add Manual Transaction in Excel 2022

Thanks so much for the quick response. I do have additional columns I added for personal reasons, so I had to modify your tool a little bit. I had considered myself an Excel expert but since retiring and having more time to get into all of the things you can do with excel these days, I now consider myself to be a novice; although loving the new learning experiences!

I do notice that the last few columns are not populating though, which I believe is due to changes needed in the macro. Any help on that would be greatly appreciated.

I would be glad to help you adjust your Macro, (Getting ready to drop a new improvement which will need the same info ) Just need your column names and what you are trying to do.

New post coming today. You might like this update better, although a lot of input validation and checks need put into place.

Here are my column names. Everything is working except nothing past “N” is being filled in the transaction sheet.

@wegs220 this should be the same procedure to update your budget. The edits to the sheet is pretty straightforward but if you run in to an issue with the macro just let me know.