Add my formula in A1

I use my credit card for just about all my purchases/bills except my mortgage. I would like to show my current balance as if I was using a debit card. I have my formula that works but would like to put it in cell A1 of the Transaction sheet. It appears that I can’t add anything to the first row…even if I insert a column. Any advice?

Here is my formula: =“Balance: “&dollar(Insights!$D$10-(sumifs(E:E,D:D,”<>INCOME”,D:D,“CC Payment”)))

The Insights!$D$10 is the current bank balance. I’m then subtracting everything but the credit card payment and any income.

Like I said, I’m wanting to put this in cell A1. My formula works fine but I can’t seem to get it in the cell I’d like. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

You should be able to edit cell A1.
Is there cell protection on that cell? Can you disable it?

Weird categorizing debt that way though? Why not just use the credit card payoff sheet to see your remaining balance? Wouldn’t this affect all the other sheets that show/predict net worth etc though?