Add-ons gone and Accounts tab empty

So this morning when I opened my sheet, the Add-Ons were no longer an menu item in Google Sheets and my Accounts tab is empty. Help?

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I believe Google renamed it to Extensions.

Not sure about your accounts tab. Did you use it to rename or hide you accounts, by default it is empty

When I try to open the add-on via Extensions, I get a spinning “Working” icon and nothing loads.

@bltcfo are you going through these specific steps

Extensions > Tiller Money Feeds > Launch?

Or something else?

Same here. No option to open sidebar either. When I open Extensions>Tiller Money Feeds> Use.

If you see the Accounts sheet, but it’s empty, you might want to try looking back through ‘Version History’ under the File menu to find a version where it’s not empty. No idea what would cause that to happen. If you just don’t see the Accounts sheet, look in the hamburger menu in the lower left corner to see if it’s hidden.

As far as the extension goes, it’s been working fine for me since they changed the menu name, so it’s not an ‘across the board’ problem with everyone.

When I do this, I get a spinning “Working” icon at the bottom that never finishes. Nothing happens. Seems like another user here has the same problem. Any solutions?

@bltcfo, you should be able to access it no issues using these steps:

  1. Open the Extensions menu
  2. Choose Tiller Money Feeds from the bottom of the list (NOT from Add-ons > Document add-ons)
  3. Click “Launch”

Does that help? @mommymyth ?

Yes! Thank you for your generous assistance!

Edit - never mind…fixed. Thanks all for the help.

Yes, that works, I’m unsure if I was just blind the other day, or if the bottom section with the add ons listed wasn’t there, but either way, it’s good now! Thanks Heather.