Add Optional Multi-Factor Authentication

Since we are looking at personal financial data, it might be a good idea to enable second factor authentication. Google Authenticator works well I think. Google Authenticator is good because you don’t need to have your cell phone with you when you sit down to work with the Tiller Sheets.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you have two factor authentication on your google account, isn’t that basically the same as having it on your Tiller Sheets, since they are in google sheets? Or are you requesting authentication for something else?

You’re correct @matt - the 2FA for your sheets is turned on at the Google level and isn’t something we have control over, it’s based on your individual Google account settings.

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Yes, of course, I stand corrected. The line between Tiller and Google sheets gets kind of blurred

for me sometimes. I’m inclined to say, I use Google services so much, that adding 2FA would drive me nuts.

I’ve thought a couple times about creating a separate google account for Tiller Sheets use only.

Thank you! Jeff