Add Sheet to Compare Same Month Prior Year

Objective: Graphically compare expenses for the same month in the previous year.

I believe this is called a year over year comparison.
I did do this with a pivot sheet, then a side by side column chart.
I started by adding a Year column and an “MM” for Month columns.
I haven’t set up an array formula to autofill year and the MM column is the numerical value of the month. I put that in because I don’t know how to sort months in order. There’s also a couple other things I think are needed to do like ignore categories flagged “Hide”, etc…


Hi @jeffrey.k.chapman,
You might want to take a look at the Comparisons solution available in Tiller Labs. Out of the box, it offers many time period comparisons. It might not be too hard to add a this month and this month last year option. And it could have some graphic additions too.

Can you share a version of your sheet, without showing any of your financial data. It would be good to see what you are doing. It would make it easier to make suggestions for improving it.


Thank you, I will take a look at that. I just today installed the labs add-on to do some exploring in the lab. I think I need to ramp up my knowledge of array formulas if I’m going to do anything really interesting.

I’ll try to put together a sample with some dummy numbers.


Array formulas might seem a bit tricky at first. But, they are very useful and powerful once you get the hang of them.

For a great article on How array formulas work in Google Sheets, see this post by Ben Collins:

Thank you, this is great!

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