Add the Category Tracker

Dig deeper into your spending for a selected category by reviewing the Transaction details over a configurable time period. See the sum of spending for all categories for a given date range.

Quickly add a Category Tracker sheet to any Tiller-powered Google Sheet using the Tiller Labs Solutions add-on.

  1. Install the Tiller Labs Solutions add-on
  2. Open the add-on and choose “Add a Solution”
  3. Click on Category Tracker
  4. Choose “Add to spreadsheet”
  5. Review your spending with the Category Tracker

@heather Any chance that a date column could be added to to this between columns C & D? When I run the report, it would be more helpful for it to also pull in the date of the transaction rather than just the transaction name and the amount.

Hi @cedrus,

That’s a great idea. Do you mind adding a feature request for this?