Add Total to Profit Loss Report

Hi, It would be very helpful and useful if you added a total col on the P &L report. I am getting tired of having to add it manually every time I want to see what the total is.

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You can do some customization to the report template to make this easier.

  1. Unhide and open the template called Report Template: P&L
  2. Create a new column to the right of column O
  3. Add the formula below to cell P6
  4. Rehide the template called Report Template: P&L

You can slide the extra column over after your run the report if you don’t like the total off to the right.


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Thank you for the help.
Quick question.
Do you need to do this every time you run a new monthly P&L?

No. If you change the local report template, it will be there every time you run it.

Great love this! Been wanting it as well. However, is there a way to get the formatting to look the same on the column that shows the totals? On mine it looks out of place from how the rest of the report looks. Thanks @randy

@randy I’m also getting totals ($0) across from section titles like “income” or “expense” that don’t need a total. How do I get rid of those?

I have been asking for this total column for years. I know I can do it manually. It seems to me to be a quick thing that Tiller can add, no? Why not put in on the to do list to add the total column to the template?


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These are good questions, @alkrongold and @Blake. I’ll discuss this change with @heather, who is now in charge of prioritizing changes to Tiller Community Solutions.

Thanks for the suggestion— and your patience— @lisarichweb.
Just built this out tonight.

Please let me know what you think.