Added 2,000 Blank Rows?

I accidentally added 2000 extra rows on the bottom of the transactions page. will those spaces be “used up” naturally or will they always be there as new transactions push them down? is there any downside to having them (like do they use up memory or the tiller limit? i forget how many cells it’s limited to and whether blank cells count). thanks!

I find that removing the extra lines does help speed things up. Go ahead and delete them, you won’t hurt anything.


I believe they’ll get used up eventually as new transactions come in. They aren’t hurting anything, but if you are using conditional formatting, I suppose they could slow things down a little as they may need to be evaluated. As @richl suggests, deleting them won’t hurt, so that’s probably the best option.


I would delete them too. If you do not have any blank rows at the bottom, new ones will be created automatically as new transactions feed in. Cheers.

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All of the responses above are correct:

  • They will fill eventually
  • They will slow down your Sheets performance a little
  • You can delete them

Depending on which and how many templates you are using, performance may suffer when formulas that query your Transactions sheet need to pull in and scan the extra 2,000 rows.

deleted! =) simple enough thanks everyone!