Adding a manual account while service is down and then reconciling

From the outage template it seems that discover bank is expected to be down till feb 18. I was reading through How to Manually Import Your Bank Data | Tiller Help Center, but that assumes that we’ve been able to successfully connect before. But I haven’t so there’s no unique account identifier. If I were to add a manual bank account, say checking and credit card. and then once I can successfully connect next week, would I need to manually export and re-import any difference in data or is there a better way to do this?

Here’s what I would do:

Create a manual account
Update as necessary in your transactions with that account
When Discover comes back online, import as a new account.
Rename old records in balance history to match the imported account information
Potentially update the transaction accounts if you choose to change the account name

Thanks, and it seems like a lot of the major banks, as in, amex, chase, BoA, Citi, are out at Institution Outages - Google Sheets
Was there a change in youdlee or something?

Hi @ctlee,

We were also alarmed that all these major banks were on the outage list so we inquired on whether something has changed at Yodlee. They indicated that Tiller has a high success rate and that these are “global” outages so I think the impact to us is pretty limited.

I did press them on how something gets added as a site alert because even the failure rates for these are no more than 6% so why does that warrant it even being on the outage list.

This greatly impacts the way we think about outages and they’ve never been able to give us a clear answer about the criteria/thresholds for when something gets added as an outage.

We hope to learn more so we can adjust our process and help set expectations accordingly.