Adding a progress bar / spark line row to the Foundation template

New to Tiller. Everything loaded up in the Foundation Template.

Want to add the spark lines from the progress row in the Budget via Tiller Add On template to the Foundation Template budget.

Any advice on how to do this? Would rather not have two separate budgets (and categorization). Thank you

Hi @eggs,
You could try something like this:

Put this formula in I17 in the Monthly Budget and fill it down to all your budget categories. You should also make the I column wider.


The formula first checks that there is text in the B column. If not, it displays blank. Then it builds a bar using a result of Actual divided by Budget. If they are equal, the result will be one. I set the maximum bar size to 1.2, but change that number if you want the maximum bar to be a different percentage. If there is no budget, you can’t divide by zero, so I check for that error and display nothing if that’s the case.

I was getting errors when I tried using the standard arrayformula() function, so I’m offering the fill down method. Maybe someone else can share a solution using arrayformula().

Does that work for you?

Thanks Jon , I wanted to add this to my envelope sheet but hadn’t gotten to working out the details. You just helped speed things up. I appreciate it

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thanks Jon, I will plug this in and start experimenting.

Hi @eggs,
@benlcollins always has a very clear, helpful article on “Everything you ever wanted to know about Sparklines in Google Sheets.”

See here:

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