Adding a single rollover to the new budget template

I would like to start the new budget year with some funds in some categories. While one solution would be to just add those amounts to the January budget, I would not like to do that. Instead, think I would be happy enough if I had a budget that ran from December 2019 to December 2020. I do not want to just add those amounts to the January budget. The Dec 19 budget would actually ust be the category ending totals from 2019. I’ve already deleted the budget columns on the Categories tab for Feb to Dec and I can see that it is behaving as I expect so that I will be able to see a running total in columns B-Don the yearly budget. So far so good.

Where I see a problem that I’d like some help with is that on the Yearly tab the budget is described as a strict 12-month budget in row 3, col B-D from Dec19-Nov20. I want that to be a 12-month budget Dec19-Dec20. Can I get it to do that and how?

I’m excited for this new template, but I’d like to be able to have an adjustment column. I’m hoping that my workaround will function as such.

Assuming you’re talking about the Monthly Tiller Budget sheet, it’s very easy. The little green box near the end of each expense category is for adjustments. If you type in r=someamount (e.g.: r=30.00) it will set the rollover to that amount. So for your January budget, you can enter all of your existing amounts that you started the month with.

@aronos, is referencing the Tiller Budget template via the Tiller add-on. You may need to start fresh in this sheet if you want to use rollovers (funding categories like you describe) the rollover capability is not available in the Foundation Template (with the Yearly Budget).

Read more below. You can also use the migration helper to move data from your existing sheet into this new sheet.

Tiller Budget (via Tiller Add-on) Comprehensive Guide

How To Use The Migration Helper From Tiller Labs

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I am aware that rollovers are not compatible with the template I want to use. I am proposing a work-around. So please dismiss that the question mentions rollovers.

The question is: can I have a 13-month budget?

@skwirler, the Foundation Template only supports 12 month view at a time (e.g. you’ll only see 12 months on the Yearly Budget sheet at one time) but you can add more than 12 months in the Categories sheet for multi-year budgeting and then use the dropdowns on the Yearly Budget to choose which 12 month timeline you want to see. Does that help?