Adding Accounts from console didn't work

I was updating my Excel sheet and noticed that some of the accounts that I had wasn’t there. I realized that there is a drop down on the Tillerhq, so I added those accounts and then tried loading transactions again, but that didn’t work. I had to unlink the sheet and then when I relinked the sheet I was able (within Excel) select the accounts I want to include.
I think there should be an option within Excel to do the same, and not needing to go to TillerHq and select the sheet and then check off the account (which didn’t work anyway in my case). It should be similar to Google where you select/deselect within the sheet, this way you can easily add/drop but also troubleshoot accounts more easily.

Hi @yossiea,

I think the UI in the Excel add-in makes the account linking section a bit hidden. You have to click the vertical … to the right of the words “linked accounts” then click “Change” to link additional accounts.

I’ll check into issue with checking the boxes on the Console not flowing through to the add-in though, that could be a bug.