Adding batch of transactions manually

Hi. Since Target Redcard credit card no longer pulls data automatically, I have been periodically downloading the data and adding manually one by one when there were only a few transactions. However, I haven’t done it in 3 months and now have 36 transactions to add.

Does the manual add tool do anything specific? i.e. Will it cause a problem if I simply add rows to the Transactions sheet and paste my (cleaned, properly formatted) data to that sheet?

I’ve actually done it before and it seemed fine, but then again I have an ongoing issue that I need to fix in the Custom Yearly Budget tab, so maybe it’s actually not ok to do that.

Thanks for any advice- I really don’t want to manually add 36 transactions one by one!!!


You can manually add the 36 transactions to the Transactions sheet. As long as you carefully copy/paste and the column order is the same you should be all set there.

Randy also wired up this workflow you could use to help automate it going forward.