Adding Budget Months in the Categories Sheet for the New Year


Any suggestions on how to get my months in my category tab to be 2021?

Is this something I manually do?

Thank you!


I did mine manually by clicking on the ‘Dec 2020’ cell and dragging down vertically till the cells for each category are selected in that column. Let go and then grab the ‘fill handle’ on the lower right corner of the lowest cell, and drag to the right 12 columns. This should copy the formulas from the Dec 2020 column to each of the next 12 columns, and the dates should automatically increment.


I think @jpfieber recommends the best approach.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind losing your 2020 budgets, you could just change the Categories-sheet column that has header “1/1/2020” to “1/1/2021”. The change should ripple through the columns to the right and you can repurpose/update the old 2020 budget columns accordingly.

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