Adding Manual transactions into the Envelope Budget, "Required Sheet Not Present"

I’ve just started this month trying Tiller and am using the Envelope Budget (as we have bi-weekly income so the Savings Budget would not work.) All looks good & happy, until I attempt to add a manual transaction. I prefer to log my money flow before it goes out, for example a check written that will take a while to deposit, than to react to if after the fact. My plan was to add manual transactions and then reconcile to the feed after they hit.
However, road block! As I attempt to “Add Manual Transaction” in Tiller Community Solutions, I receive an error message “Required Sheet Not Present”. What sheet? I can’t find anything.


Hmm, I think the only sheet that should be required is the Transactions sheet. Can you double check that the tab is called “Transactions” ?

Otherwise, @randy might be able to chime in with more help.