Adding Notes to Accounts Filter Sheet

How do I pull Notes from Transactions Sheet into Accounts Filter Sheet.


Interested into why you would want to do that?

If you look at the formula in Cell A5, you can replace “Account” with “Note” inside of the { }.

I did the same thing - I already knew the account name because I selected it in the dropdown box and I find my Notes helpful when looking at transactions.

Same reason as Martha below.



I am not sure what you mean by cell A5. Column A lists names of Accounts and A5 contains an Account name. Could you please clarify.



Please disregard my earlier note I looked at Accounts sheet in error. Two questions for clarification:

  1. If I replace “Notes” for “Account” in cell A5 formula, I will not have Account name in cell B3. Correct? If so, how would I know which Account I am looking at as I have several Accounts.

  2. Which column do the Notes appear in.

Anil Parikh



Cell A5 is where the word “Date” is in the Blue Bar that has the words Date, Description, Category, Amount and Account. Cell B3 is the Account Selector Dropdown and will not be changed.

Cell A5 is actually a formula. Inside that formula you will see { }. If you change Account to Note inside those brackets, it will then display your Note where it is currently showing Account in Column E. Cell B3 remains as shown to let you select which Account you are interested in looking at.

Tiller Original Formula in Cell A5: =iferror(QUERY(Transactions!A:Z,“SELECT “&join(”,”,arrayformula(vlookup({“Date”,“Description”,“Category”,“Amount”,“Account”},J3:K30,2,false)))&" WHERE “&K8&” = ‘"&B3&"’ ORDER BY “&K3&” DESC"))

My Formula: =iferror(QUERY(Transactions!A:Z,“SELECT “&join(”,”,arrayformula(vlookup({“Date”,“Description”,“Category”,“Amount”,“Note”},J3:K30,2,false)))&" WHERE “&K8&” = ‘"&B3&"’ ORDER BY “&K3&” DESC"))

The only cell you will change is A5 and the only thing you do is change “Account” to “Note”. I hope this clarifies it a little better for you.

Hi Martha

I replaced “Account” by “Note” and refreshed. The headings in blue bar disappeared and only visible item is Account name in B3. I also tried “Notes” as the header in Transactions sheet says Notes, not Note. Again headings in blue bar disappeared and only Account name is visible in3. No transaction below the bar either. What am I missing?

Anil Parikh

Hi Anil,

I am puzzled why this is not working for you. I would try the following:

  1. On the Transactions Sheet, rename your column with “Notes” to “Note”. There are a lot of Tiller sheets that expect this column to be “Note”.
  2. Use Tiller Labs, Manage Solutions and Restore the Account Filter sheet.
  3. Select an Account in the B3 dropdown and see if the sheet works.
  4. If the sheet is working correctly, you will see that Col E is repeatedly showing the same account name you selected in the dropdown.
  5. Select Cell A5 and you should see a formula. Double click on Cell A5 and you should be able to edit the formula. Replace “Account” with “Note”. Move your cursor to the end of the formula and hit enter.
  6. Now the sheet should show you the same transactions with Col E now showing the “Note” data instead of the account name repeatedly.

I hope this helps you get it figured out.


Hi Martha

The culprit was “Notes” in Transactions sheet. Once I changed it to “Note”, I saw all the Notes in column E of Account Filter sheet. I did not have to Restore this sheet.

You are correct. There is no point in having Column E of Account Filter sheet repeat again and again the Account name in B3. Perhaps the Developers will adopt your suggestion and build it into the formula for all to benefit.

Thanks for your patience in helping me to resolve the issue.


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I’m glad it’s working now!