Addon fails to render when using Google Account Picker

I’m logged into Google with two accounts, my primary account and the shared gmail address. The Tiller addon fails to display when I’m in sheets with my second (shared) account selected. The addon window shows a “ refused to connect” error and the browser console shows it failed due to sameorigin restrictions on the iframe:

Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'.

Clicking on the link that gets rendered I get an account picker showing all my signed-in accounts but interestingly my shared account is greyed out with an error stating: “Unavailable unless you sign out of all other Google Accounts and then sign in to this one. Other options”

(not actually a solution, this setup is just broken)

Found the source of the issue:

It appears to be a problem with Google Apps Script support for multi-login/account picker :frowning:

This makes using a shared gmail account for a couple harder as the desktop work around (chrome profiles) doesn’t work easily on a chromebook as you have to logout and login to switch users.

I work for Google and found the internal bug, flagged that it is affecting TillerHQ. This does make Sharing between multiple accounts a bigger deal for a feature request though.

I think I found a viable solution. Assuming we have, that want to share a tiller account

  1. Create a shared account and using that account:
    1. Sign up with Tiller
    2. Setup Google Sheet (install addon, link to tiller, etc)
    3. Share sheet with editor access to &
  2. In each personal account
    1. Open shared sheet
    2. Install Tiller addon using your personal account (Addons > Tiller > Install)
    3. Log in to Tiller using the

Once you’re done you should see yourself logged into Google Sheets and the shared account in the Tiller addon window within the sheet. As far as I can tell the addon works as expected in this split-account mode.

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