Adjust Category with Rollover Adjustment


When I use the Adjust Category add-on, I want to be able to adjust from one of my normal categories’ rollover to the Rollover Adjustment (or the other direction, depending what my rollover adjustment is). When I select Rollover Adjustment the radio buttons to select between Rollover and Budget disappear, which makes sense for the Rollover Adjustment category. But when that happens, the radio buttons for the other category disappear as well. Is this intentional? Does it just always move it to/from the rollover? Moving to the budget doesn’t really make sense as far as I can tell.

If so, it might be nice to add a note that it is, in fact, moving to the rollover not budget.


Hi @matt - sorry for the delayed reply here. :woman_facepalming:

Yes, this is intentional behavior. Rollover adjustment is a really weird sort of calculation so it has some limitations when trying to move it around with the Adjust category option.

There’s a good discussion happening about it as Tiller Money Labs works on another solution that better supports tracking unspent/overspent category budgets.

@heather No problem :slight_smile: It wasn’t an urgent question.

I wish I had seen your response sooner though, that discussion you linked to looks really interesting. I’ll have to try out the new Savings Budget soon!