Alliant Credit Union and Citi Double Cash Credit Cards

I am considering these two credit cards. For those that have them, have you had any bad experiences? Any feed issues with Yodlee and Tiller? I welcome any other comments you might have.


I’ve had/used the Citi Double Cash card for nearly a year now. Zero issues. Tiller loves it. And, actually, so do I. I used it for everything except Amazon, Costco and groceries.

Just as an FYI: I dearly love cash back :slight_smile:

I use a Chase Amazon card for all Amazon purchases 5%
I use a Chase Freedom card for groceries 5% and restaurants 3%
I use a Citi Costco card for Costco (gas/drugs and, well, Costco) 2% and restaurants 3%


I am still looking for feedback on Alliant Credit Union. Could you please remove the Solution checkmark?

Am I missing something on the Chase Freedom card? I have it. It has revolving categories every quarter that earn 5% on up to $1,500 of purchases. The last time it had groceries was 2020 Q2. Are you saying the 5% groceries applies all year?

Do you still use your Fidelity VISA? Currently, that is my main card. Effective next month, it is dropping auto rental collision damage waiver and extended warranty protection and replacing them with ID protection from NortonLifeLock.

That Alliant card is appealing. It has 2.5% on everything with a $10,000 per month cap, no foreign transaction fees, $0 fraud guarantee, $250,000 in travel accident coverage, rental car collision coverage, roadside assistance, and Apple/Google Pay compatibility. It has a $99 annual fee starting in year 2 and you need to become a member of the credit union, neither of which is a deal breaker for me. I don’t like to fight the quarterly revolving categories. I prefer one rate on everything.

Based on the volume I run through my credit cards, going from 2% to 2.5% (net of the $99 annual fee) nets me almost $200 more per year in cash rewards. Yes, I will move for $200.


I’m sorry I don’t see any solution check mark if you can kind of point me to it I’ll do what I can to get it off sorry if I screwed up.

I don’t have a Fidelity Visa.

I suspect there is a limit on how much the 5% freedom card Cash back groceries has but honestly I don’t know what it is as long as they’re paying it out I’ll keep using it.

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@Blake, you’re still on our Legacy integration with Yodlee so you can’t take advantage of the open banking connection for Citi yet, which is a lot more stable/reliable than the MFA connection sites.

Alliant being a smaller(?) credit union could be problematic in that if something goes wrong with the integration it can take a lot longer for Yodlee & the CU to fix it. Here are the refresh trends for Alliant for the last 30 days and in the last 24 hours the refresh success rate was at 72.8%. Not terrible, but not great either. They’ve also had a few outages already this year.

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I use the Citi Double Cash card for all non Amazon purchases and I love it. It’s a fantastic workhorse card. No fuss, whatsoever. Been using it for a few years.

I bank with Alliant. I like them a lot, too. I have noticed some occasional unreliability with Plaid and Yodlee, but it usually gets resolved pretty quickly. They are one of the top 10 largest credit unions in the US.

Also, they used to be famous for being very no frills, but they’ve recently been making lots of improvements to their online services, so perhaps they’ve turned over a new leaf.

I haven’t gone for the Alliant Visa card because last I saw, complaints were common (could be a different wing of the organization than their bank?), and I don’t want any headaches.


Hi @Blake I use the Alliant Credit Union as my primary credit card. I particularly like it’s a credit union and only bank with credit unions because I feel credit unions are better for communities rather than a big bank. I started with Alliant because the card rewards and haven’t noticed any update issues with Yodlee (I am on the newer integration). I do wish the Alliant card was tap to pay, it is chip enabled but tapping is so much faster with a card verses pulling out your phone. I also wish they would auto schedule the rewards to pay out at a specific dollar amount so I don’t have to think about it. I’ve given them feedback. I do love I don’t have to think about what card for what purchase because it’s 2.5% on all categories at this time. Let me know if you have specific questions.

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I am all set up with Alliant. Process was smooth. Now just waiting for cards to arrive. They are the 8th largest CU in the US. Their user interface looks pleasing, much better than some of the big companies I deal with. Blake

Personally, I have had a bad experience with Citi Double Cash. It involved a charge-back - where i was charged 2x for the same transaction. I went through the process and was denied without Citi actually following the required Visa dispute process in their own regulations. Subsequently, I recall reading that Citi is, in general, a terrible company for chargebacks/dispute resolutions because they favor vendors vs customers. Conversely, I have had fantastic experience with Chase, Amex, and Discover.

I was just looking at opening an Alliant or possibly Axos because both rebate ATM fees and pay reasonable interest on savings. I saw the negatives on Alliant as well. Its hard to get an idea why the complaints exist without specifics like the one i mentioned about CITI Double card in this thread. Is there any issue with discussing pros and cons of favorite or least favorite banks and financial institutions on here?

My Alliant credit cards came yesterday. Used it for the first time today. The saving account and credit card linked up with Tiller with no problems.

You mention they rebate ATM fees. While they say you have access to 80,000+ surcharge-free ATM’s, that does not include every ATM. For example, I did not see a Chase ATM near me on the list. I have an Etrade account, and they will reimburse on any ATM.

You need to become a member of Alliant to be able to get their credit card. I just looked at my savings account and it said my interest rate is 0%. Maybe they have other savings accounts that pay interest, I do not know.

Regarding discussing pros and cons, you should be fine as long as you keep it respectful.

I was mistaken about atm fee rebates. Sorry for the bad info

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