Alternatives to clicking "fill" button in office 365 add-in

Hello! I’m currently creating a new template for Excel using VBA macros. I’d like to tie this in with a VBA AutoCat macro I’m finishing up. When I open the spreadsheet, I would like it to automatically fill in recent transactions and categorize them. Is there a way to initialize the add-in and fill transactions outside of clicking the “fill” button? Even if it’s a line of code in different programming language, I may be able to find a way to have VBA call it. Any thoughts?

Interesting idea, @vengefu1_tuna.
I don’t think this is possible, but @brasten will know better.

I am very interested in what you are building for auto cat so let me know what you come up with. Also, I enjoy programming Excel so if you want collaborate, maybe you and I could put our heads and become the Tiller Labs team for Excel.

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