Amazon credit card transaction feed abnormality

Has anyone seen any abnormalities lately with the Amazon Prime Synchrony bank card feed? I just went to categorize transactions and found 2 duplicates. The first one has a description of “Amazon Retail WA Seattle *” and the second one has the actual description, posted the following day.

I was NOT charged twice on my credit card, it’s just pulling in duplicates in the feed. Both were from this past week.

I had the same issue. I notified Tiller support.

Thank you

Also, I am seeing now that Amazon has discontinued their downloadable reports, so it’s even more difficult to make sure everything is correct.

@pjsiebert feel free to reach out to us via Chat if you haven’t already.

Usually duplicates resolve on their own within a week.

We have some others noticing issues with Synchrony issued cards where the card name was changed to “Sam’s club credit” and some other weird issues so please reach out via Chat if anyone else is having that issue.

I had the same issue, reached out to support and tried reconnecting a few times, but no dice. Seeing a lot of funky names and $0.00 transactions.

I did have that issue (renamed to Sams Club Credit) but renamed it manually.