Amazon Order History - RIP

This does seem like a step backwards for sure, my process is all manual but i use the orders page and split amazon purchases the best way i can but sometimes the math just doesnt add up, i use the orders page and guess the closest amount that i can and split accordingly and always have the refunds go back to the associated credit card with that amount going to the same budget category as well to offset the original purchase.

Fellow Amazon Splitter here. I feel your pain!
I have over 450 itemized transactions/splits dating back to 2019.

Last I tried the jsharpie7 approach it was a no-go as the AZAD Chrome extension was not working for me. I had sent logs to the developer, but I manually muddled my way through my transaction backlog before getting a response.

I have since developed a process involving the Order Reports to produce a reconciliation sheet. In a separate Google Sheet, I have one tab for Item reports data and another for Orders and Shipments. Into these, I import subsequent CSV reports and append the data.
In a third tab, I coalesce the two reports into an Order/Item Report by way of arrayformula that groups queries from each by date and order ID.
This has allowed me to identify Tiller transactions by the order total, then identify the items in that order in order to (attempt) to split them.

Wouldn’t our accounting lives be improved if Amazon were to include the Order ID in bank transaction?!? :nerd_face:

But even then, there are so many problems with accurately splitting Amazon transactions which include:

  • Not all amazon charges come from Your Orders, but many different sources such as annual Prime Payments, digital orders, video, restaurants, …
  • transactions split into multiple charges and not usually clear which items are included in each split.
  • gift card and discounts applied (coupons, Deals, shipping, S&S) and not usually clear which item discount is applied to.
  • Then there’s the standard dilemma of how to itemize the tax amount and which items are taxable.

A New Hope
Today while bumbling around their site looking for a way to change my default payment, I stumbled upon the Transactions page which actually seems to list ALL payments in one place, including annual Prime Payments, digital orders, … I don’t know if this page is new, or if it has been around.
Your Transactions

This page keys transactions of all types and includes:

  • date
  • amount
  • payment method
  • Order ID (and hyperlink to Order Details)
  • “source”

I hope this helps those trying to split Amazon transactions! It seems that any attempt to reconcile Amazon transactions, particularly post-Order Reports, should start on this page.

The Challenge
It strikes me as ironic that the data-driven juggernaut that is Amazon, causes such manual reconciliation! WTF?!? Sometimes I wonder if it is an actual attempt at obfuscation.

Anyway, I doubt there is a way to truly automate the split of transactions because there are so many exceptions to their billing process.

At best, I’d be satisfied with an automated way to scrape the My Transactions page and assemble a reconciliation page like what I created for myself above. As significant challenge is that this page doesn’t list items, which would have to be scraped from a separate order summary page, keyed by the Order ID.

Seems like there’s a large market for a potential Amazon Splitter. I’d be willing to contribute.


I can’t see how that transaction page can help us automate the process BUT damn! That sucker has detail I’ve been looking for forever. What a great find. Thank you!!


Oh no! Not this again!

@randy Does the other way of importing Amazon transactions from the Privacy Center report still work? As discussed on this post: Amazon Order History Page Gone? - #112 by randy


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If I were to write a script for myself to create a CSV replicating the Amazon Order History CSV, which columns need to be populated in order for it to work? I have all of the column headers the same as Amazon’s report, and the following columns are populated: Order Date, Order ID, Title, Purchase Price Per Unit, Quantity, Item Subtotal, Item Subtotal Tax, Item Total. And the importer is getting hung up.


DAMN. I’ve ordered over 800 items from Amazon just in the last two years. The CSV export was essential to matching credit card transactions with specific items. Before they had the CSV report I was on the phone to Amazon customer service every month - I would give the rep a credit card charge, and they would tell me what items it matched. This is necessary because a single charge may include items from multiple orders, or just a few items from a larger order. The Tiller Amazon CSV import feature was a huge time saver.


I would write in and contact customer service as well. I’ve got a ticket thread where the person claimed they would not take this away (I think she was just trying to get rid of me, but still).

I did contact customer support by phone last night. She told me that this feature was indeed on the cut list along with numerous others and had no idea if any replacement would be available. She promised to send me an email when she heard more, but I have not had good success with that.

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Yeah, they know the exact usage of this feature and how many people are going to be pissed and I’m sure that went into the shut down discussion. Wonder what else they are killing…

This is terrible that Amazon is removing this. I wonder if the solution to keeping this feature is to move to an Amazon Business account. Any opinions on this?

A quick reminder that tomorrow is supposedly the last day to pull reports via this method:

Order History Reports will be unavailable after March 20, 2023


Honestly, this feature is the entire reason I use Tiller. It’s the only service that lets me break out my copious amazon purchases and categorize them. Is there any alternative in the works? I know back when this was threatened before someone from @TillerTeam was working on a script to process maybe the Chrome extension results or something? Any update on that? I don’t see a whole lot of reason to keep paying for Tiller apart from this feature. It’d be great to know if there was an alternative planned.

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This is wonky, but I’ve read that people have been able to request their order history via email at this link:

I then received an email confirming my request, and after doing so was directed to this screen. I’ll let you know what happens next!

As of today, 24 March. The report is still available. Although the notice about March 20 is also displayed.
Maybe no one left on staff to turn it off.

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Well this sucks. I haven’t done budgeting in 2 months…and now we’re screwed! :smiley: We cancelled Prime for a month or two so now we have to pile orders together so it’s really difficult to separate all the categories!

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Tried to download csv file today for Amazon Order History & msg say Order History No Longer Avalable.

So far in reading the threads, I don’t see a viable work around. Thoughts?

There are two threads on this (at least) - I shared my manual, not optimal work around here.

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I use it monthly. This is very disappointing. Is anyone working on a solution here?

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Can someone modify the CSV uploader for it to work with this Amazon Order History Reporter?