Amazon Refunds - Associate Refund to Order Month for Budget Sheet

I want to associate the refunds with the original order date so the budgeted amount reflects the correct months spend. The issue I have is this…

I had a huge influx of returns in January from purchases that were made in months prior. Let’s say my spend budget for January is $100 with $50 purchases made in January… because all the refunds hit in January, say $50 in refunds, my budget shows $100 avail. This is a skewed amount for this month due to the refunds.

Is anyone doing this to make your budget sheet net to the actual spend for that particular month?

I’ve often thought about this. We’re budgeting against when the transactions hit our bank/credit card accounts, not on the actual spending date. The direct deposit for my paycheck often arrives the night before my ‘Pay Day’, which throws budgeting off, especially when the ‘Pay Day’ lands on the first of a month. I could imagine their being another date column, where you could put the date of the actual spend, but then you’d need to have all the budgeting tools updated to know to use that date if it’s present instead of the original transaction date. Not an easy lift, but would be a powerful addition.

I just change the date to the month I want it to be in. There is already an actual date in the transactions sheet that tracks the date it was added (the real date)


The ‘Date Added’ often won’t match the ‘actual date’ though. If a transaction hits the bank yesterday, but I don’t fill my sheet till today, the ‘Date Added’ will be todays date, and the ‘Date’ will be yesterdays date.