Amazon Subscribe & Save Category


First I have to say that I really enjoy the Amazon Line item importer. It is so far the best solution for me to gain insight into my family spending on Amazon, instead of just trying to control a fast Amazon category.

I noticed that some of my credit card transactions though were not reconciling cent for cent with my amazon account. I did some troubleshooting and it seems that the math for the Amazon line importer is pulling the “item(s) subtotal:” and “Estimated tax to be collected” categories. However, we do the subscribe & save for many items that we purchase a lot. There is a “subscribe and save” category in there that seems to be missing from the transaction amount being pulled from amazon.

Any way you could include this so that all transaction are accurate?

Many Thanks!

Also Coupon savings and such…

Gift wrap is another…sorry I am just coming across them as I am troubleshooting