Amazon transactions I am almost there can you help? :( Thanks!


Thank you again for having created a solution for Amazon entries. I have followed Randy’s instructions in my previous message of July 25th.

I did the “UPLOAD CVS file”.
1- 1st problem I **did override my main template (which I had to retrieve from Google sheets history). How can I present that? Can I choose a name where the transactions have been uploaded? How and at what point?

2- If I have two separate sheets, what do I do next? My technology-challenged solution would to cut and paste from the Amazon transactions (see below) at the top of the sheet, then sort again my main template (see another photo, Pierre & Alice)and work from there to give categories name, get rid of the already uploaded “old” Amazon entries.

Your help would be appreciated.


Hey again, @pwstamps!

  1. I think when you said you “overwrote” your spreadsheet you were referring to the data-filter that the importer applies at the end of the process. The transactions are all still there, it just applies a filter that shows only the transactions you JUST importer so that you can focus on those and categorize them. When you’re ready to remove the filter, just click Data/Remove filter in the menu and everything will show again.

The good news is that this means the import ran successfully to the end.

  1. If it is just 60 transactions, probably the safest easiest thing is to just import the transactions into each sheet separately and categorize them twice. Copying and pasting will work generally but you can run into problems with column order, differing categories, formatting, etc… These are all very fixable, but, given that you’ve bumped into some obstacles, it’s probably best to avoid creating new problems.

Hope this helps.

Thanks! I have figured out why I was overwriting.

Thanks for all your help!!


Glad to hear that, @pwstamps. Would you be willing to share the problem you identified in case others are bumping up against the same point of confusion?