Amazon Workflow Post

Hey Randy, I have very much enjoyed reading your content on Tiller. Like a lot of people, I was using the Amazon Order export CSV Line Item workflow. I have been able to request my data through Amazon - then I receive that folder containing a bunch of different files.

I thought I remembered you posting in March with revised instructions to still utilize the CSV import tool - I thought you outlined which files to use, and what types of data might be more challenging to import.

Now, I can’t find that post anymore - did you run into issues and have to take it down? Or have I just overlooked?

Thanks a lot

Were you looking for this thread, @njfulton? (I didn’t take anything down.)

I can’t remember the state of the importer/field-mapping. I may have made it compatible with the Privacy Central data fields then reverted back to the public reports when they restored that a while back. Can you let me know how far you get and I can try to make changes for the Privacy Central data again later this week?