America First Credit Union Not refreshing

We don’t have any updates from our data provider, just that they had to begin work with America First Credit Union internal teams to get them to stop blocking Yodlee, which has no ETA since they are working with America First Credit Union directly.

If you see progress that means they are making progress! But we aren’t provided any updates along the way unfortunately.

That’s unfortunate they’re not updating you, but I’ll take what progress I can get. Thanks!

Update here. I have had no luck getting this to work until I actually went into my bank account (through the website) and logged in. Immediately afterwards I went to tiller to refresh and it had me “edit credentials” and its now working. I am guessing that I just need to be logging into my back account more - I dont nearly as much since all my management I just do through tiller - but I gues occasional login is likely a security issue? Not sure, but all is working now.

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