American Express

It seems American Express connections are broken? I haven’t filled my spreadsheet for about a week and I see Rewards checking has finally been added. But now, it seems the personal savings connection is broken, and the last 10 days of my AMEX credit card transactions and balances are not filling. It’s 27Sept and the last balance or transaction I have for my credit cards is 17Sept.

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I noticed yesterday that mine hadn’t pulled in a week. I clicked ‘Connection’ (on the Tiller ( page) and it re-connected and then pulled transactions.

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I tried that as well and all it’s pulling to my spreadsheet is my checking transactions and balance; no credit card transactions or balances. However, the tiller console on the website shows the correct balance of all my credit cards, it’s just not getting to my spreadsheet. I even tried linking a new spreadsheet and still no credit card transactions.

The American Express personal savings connection however keeps telling me invalid credentials.

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

Our support team can help troubleshoot institution connection issues.

This was my experience as well. Re-authenticating my Amex connections resolved the issue.

Resetting connections again to both the credit cards and personal savings seems to resolved both issues. I had already attempted that before but doing it again seems to have worked.

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