Amex additional card members

Hi Alll

I successfully connected my Amex account to Tiller, and the data appears in the foundation template correctly, so that’s a good start.

I noticed though, that each transaction does not show the card member to which the transaction is attributed - I have a single account, and my partner has an additional card in her name on the same account - If I export a CSV from the Amex web site, I get a column for “Card Member” which i had been using with my own spreadsheet previously which allows me then to run reports on our separate spending.

Is there any way to get this card member column imported via Tiller?


Good question, @Gareth. I don’t think the Card Member field comes through in our feeds.

If the cards had different numbers there’d be many ways to skin this :cat2:… but with a single card number you’re probably going to have to tag the transactions manually (… though, if you’re good at coding it might be possible to reconcile the CSV with your Transactions sheet with a custom script).

Consider having a look at tags and the Tags Report template. Though you’d need to apply the tags manually, this might be a good way to track expenses by cardholder without disrupting your categorization. If you tend to use different vendors than your partner, you could even make your tag assignments using Autocat :wink:.

Good luck,

Thanks so much for the response, @randy - Alas, it all ends up attributed to my card number (as the account owner) in the feed, even though we each have a separate card.

I had done some work to script logging into Amex, downloading that CSV and loading it into my own spreadsheet previously, but of course Amex don’t really want you doing that and their frequent site changes make the process fragile and high-maintenance, hence the appeal of Tiller to free me from that.

Tags are a good idea; that might be the best answer - autocat could probably help too, except for the curse of Amazon which neither of seem able to free ourselves from :wink:

Appreciate your help!